Epoxy Resin Based Adhesive/Epoxy Adhesive Manufacturer

Epoxy adhesive is a copolymer formed by mixing together a resin and a harder.Epoxy adhesive are commonly offered as either one component or two component system. Epoxy adhesive are generally cured at temperature between 250-300 degree F, product is having high strength, excellent adhesive to metal and outstanding environment and chemical resistance.This Epoxy adhesive are offered by us are available in customized option as per variegated needs of our client.

Epoxy resin based adhesive is extremely versatile and utilized for bonding, medical device, aerospace. Special formulations are also flame retardant, fast curing, high temperature resistance and more. Owing the characteristic like excellent bonding, capability creep resistance and high hardness our Epoxy adhesive is acknowledged and cherished over the global market.Moreover, we offer this epoxy adhesive at a very nominal rate to our client.